Different Kinds of Research
  • Introduction
  • Choosing a Site Partner

    What site partner you choose will ultimately dictate how you will need to approach the site partner project. Since everything else after this point is contingent upon this very decision, you should put considerable effort into your choice. Choosing a site partner and subsequent project that you can personally relate to will be to your greatest advantage. If you are an electrical engineer and choose a site partner that would like you to create a pamphlet discussing what plants are native to Colorado, you might be out of your league. On the other hand if you have a heart for developing countries, then choosing to assist a site partner in developing a pamphlet on an energy sustainability project in South America would be a good choice because of your personal and educational investment into the assignment. Remember, who you choose as your site partner will have a large effect on your performance in CO301b.

  • Meeting with a Site Partner
  • Researching the Site Partner's Field
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Interviewing Your Site Partner
  • Interviews with Other People
  • Conclusions
Research Methods