Being able to read and write is often a quality that goes underrated, primarily because in America it is fundamentally expected of us. However, very few know how to write professionally; CO 301B is an incomparable writing class because it offers students the tools to write successful compositions in the real world. Instead of merely writing essays and research papers, students are challenged by writing for real-life site partners. By allowing students to engage in real life scenarios, they gain something truly special and unique beyond the traditional writing course.

  • Benefits of the Class: This class has a multitude of benefits to a student:
  1. Students learn multiple skills in writing and analysis of writings, such as writing to a specific audience and learning rhetorical, text, and genre analyses. This class requires a different writing style such as a non technical writing compared to most science or engineering classes. The advantage of learning different writing styles provides opportunity for students to become more of a diversified writer.
  2. Students learn to correctly write to an audience that is not informed or knowledgeable about the subject being written. One of the most valuable benefits of this class is learning and using skills, which are applicable and useful in any job after graduating.
  3. By taking this class students gain experience working and communicating with a site partners (customers) to provide a service. One of the rewards of taking CO 301B that the majority of students appreciate is producing documents that are used by the site partner.