• Clearly communicate course expectations to your site partner

    Most site partners will not think in terms of pages. The course calls for you to produce about 15 finished pages of text (double-spaced). If the site partner asks for one three-fold brochure (3-4 double spaced pages), you'll need to suggest other documents you could also write for the site partner. Get a sense of what your site partner needs in terms of documents/projects. Additionally, bring a copy of the course requirements for the document to the site partner at your first meeting. With the course requirements in hand, you can talk through your goals and timeline with your site partner. If you foresee any problems with meeting class requirements, you can brainstorm ideas for expanding one project, taking on additional writing assignments, or shaping the schedule to meet both sets of deadlines. If you need help brainstorming ideas for additional projects please view the document gallery.

  • Establish favored modes of communication
  • Understand and clearly state the purpose of each meeting you have with the site partner
  • Keep us informed