Potential Fields in Which CO 301B Skills are Directly Applicable: The rhetorical process that develops throughout the course is quite unique as it offers students semi-vocational experience that helps them add to their resumes. Students will be better suited for a variety of fields in writing. Though the benefits of this course may be relative to the individual, the following are some notable examples of future professions in which the skills developed in CO 301B are directly applicable.

  • Physicians and Nurses
  • Public Health Officials
  • Teachers
  • Engineers: The experiences of CO 301B can also be applied to the engineering fields. Often, an engineer must be able to communicate very technical material to someone with little or no relevant technical background. Inexperienced personnel can include customers, professionals in other fields or even managers. The engineer has to diagnose what his or her audience is likely to know and then be able to concisely and precisely deliver crucial information to his or her audience in a way that the audience will comprehend. In CO 301B, the student learns and practices techniques for analyzing inexperienced audiences and techniques for effectively communicating to these audiences.