Different Kinds of Research
  • Introduction
  • Choosing a Site Partner
  • Meeting with a Site Partner
  • Researching the Site Partner's Field
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Interviewing Your Site Partner

    When you have your project in a completed form it is useful to have another meeting with your site partner. In this meeting you could perform a text based interview, in which the interviewee reads your text and answers your questions about it. To do this, it is good to prepare a few questions beforehand, and then have the site partner read the project. Afterwards, the site partner can answer the questions you have prepared. These questions should address any concerns that you have. To make sure your significant points are covered, it is best to order your questions from the most important to least important. If the site partner does not have enough time, you might do a regular interview in which you only ask the questions to your site partner. This interview can be critical in making sure that you are addressing the needs of your site partner, as well as making sure that the information you have provided is correct.

  • Interviews with Other People
  • Conclusions
Research Methods