Different Kinds of Research
  • Introduction
  • Choosing a Site Partner
  • Meeting with a Site Partner

    After you have chosen your site partner, you should then consider meeting with your site partner as soon as possible to get the project moving. Introduce yourself, and be friendly. Attempt to identify what your site partner would like to see in the finished project, and verify your understanding back to them. See what your site partner knows about their intended audience, and how they would communicate with their readers. Before leaving, ask your site partner if they have any other documents that have been created and targeted at your intended audience. If not, see if they have any suggestions on where you could go about finding alternative documents or other types of references. Do not take the suggestions of your site partner lightly, as they have been doing this sort of thing longer than you. At the same time, make sure to fact check everything you are told.

  • Researching the Site Partner's Field
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Interviewing Your Site Partner
  • Interviews with Other People
  • Conclusions
Research Methods