Potential Fields in Which CO 301B Skills are Directly Applicable: The rhetorical process that develops throughout the course is quite unique as it offers students semi-vocational experience that helps them add to their resumes. Students will be better suited for a variety of fields in writing. Though the benefits of this course may be relative to the individual, the following are some notable examples of future professions in which the skills developed in CO 301B are directly applicable.

  • Physicians and Nurses: On television we’ve become familiar with some of the medical jargon—cardiothoracic surgery, intubation and v-fib for example—but an even more essential communication in a physician’s daily work is with the patients he or she sees. Many people are scared of hospitals, are in distress or shock when they are interacting with doctors, or simply lack an understanding of how the body works. It then becomes the doctor’s responsibility to explain to the patient and his or her family the health problems themselves and the procedures that they will be undergoing.