Previous Site Partners

These are some of the site partners and projects our students developed in the past.

Site Partner


CSU Assistive Technology Resource Center

ATRC “quick start guides” for computer programs

CSU Health & Exercise Science Adult Fitness Program

Pamphlets on adult nutrition

Hartshorn Physical Therapy

Pamphlets and articles for website on ACL injuries and prevention.

USDA Rangeland Resources

Brochure that details current agrigultural research projects

Larimer County Department of Health and the Environment

Developed content for a new website aimed at children and a second website on vaccinations for travelers

USDA Agriculture Research Station
Water Management

Brochure on weed control in limited-irrigation farming

CSU Biology Department

Newspaper article on plants that detect chemical threats

Little Shop of Physics

Developed physics experiments for children to do with their parents at home

CSU Equine Extension

Developed a booklet on to assist potential horse buyers to choose an appropriate breed.

CSU College of Engineering Media Relations

Wrote articles for alumni magazine on atmospheric science research

Discovery Science Center

Designed placards for exhibits

Rocky Mountain Raptor Center

Wrote articles for members’ newsletter

Environmental Learning Center

Wrote pamphlets for self-guided tours of the center for children and their parents