Different Kinds of Research
Research Methods
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  • Researching Your Topic

    When researching your topic, it is very important to obtain background information and extra knowledge on the topic that you will need in order to explain the topic to others accurately. Many different forms of research can be utilized to gather the information necessary to write a quality document.

    Search Engines: One way to research your topic is to do an internet search. Many forms of searches can be done to acquire sources from the internet. Using a search engine such as Google is a very good way to obtain many different sources on the topic. When using a search engine, be sure the source is credible. Trustworthy website include those of government organizations (web address ending in .gov), educational institutions (.edu), or organizations (.org). You still need to be careful of organizations since they can be used by numerous different people with no affiliation to a credible organization.

    Library Searches: Another source of information is the library. The library has an internet search for journals that can be found both as an electronic form and as a hard copy. Although it may be difficult to find recent and up-to-date publications, the library may have a large number of books relevant to your topic.

    Site Partner: Your site partner will also be an invaluable resource. Ask for research papers or any advice they have that will point you to needed information. Interviewing your site partner specifically about your topic is also a great source. With his or her permission, you can use quotations to boost your credibility.

    Clubs and Societies: Another great way to find information and background on your topic is to go to a related club or society that has information you can use; for instance, the American Diabetes Association would be an excellent resource for a student writing about diabetes. Societies usually have a lot of background information that can be very useful.

  • Interviewing as a Research Method