• What is a site partner?
  • Finding a site partner
  • Communicating with your site partner
  • Timelines and organizations
  • What constitutes proper attire and manners when working with site partners?

    An important part of maintaining a good relationship with your site partner is playing an appropriate "role" as both a student and a professional. Be are aware of the responsibilities you have when interacting with your site partner.

    Keep in mind the setting that your site partner works in. If you are working with someone in the business world or in an office setting be sure to dress appropriately, following the same standards your site partner would follow. Although appearance is not everything, dressing appropriately helps to make a good first impression and demonstrates your ability to conduct yourself in a professional manner. This conduct varies between different workplaces; if you are working with a professor on campus dressing in business attire may not be necessary but may be applicable for an outside business or organization. You can gauge this from what kind of partner you are working with.

    Some good tips for attire and conduct when meeting with site partners include:

    • If dressing in business attire, avoid jeans, t-shirts, open-toed shoes and athletic shoes.

    • Practice good manners. Be sure to be considerate of your site partner and their surroundings.

    • Turn off your cell phone.

    • Always arrive on time for meetings.

    • Come prepared for all of your site partner meetings. Have an idea of what you need to accomplish so that you can make the most of both you and your site partner's time.

    • Give your site partner notice of what will be expected from each of your meetings so they know how much time to set aside for your needs.

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