• What is a site partner?
  • Finding a site partner
  • Communicating with your site partner
  • Timelines and organizations

    The semester always seems to go faster than you think it will. This project is far too big and requires too much time to leave until the last minute. Organization and time management are key to doing well, as well as to avoiding a lot of stress.

    One good way to manage this project is to have a calendar set up. Mark days when you will be work-shopping in class, days you will meet with your site partner, and when different "chunks" of your portfolio are due. Share the calendar with your site partner and refer to it when deciding when to work on the project and what you need to get done.

    A timeline is a similarly useful tool. Write down what parts of the paper you will do and in what order. If you will be doing several small documents for your site partner, this tool is especially helpful; it keeps the project from seeming too daunting. After you have a complete draft, make another timeline with which sections you will begin editing. This will also help you give your site partner a clear idea of how far along you are.

    Organize materials for the project, making sure to keep anything you get from your site partner. Keep copies of any edited versions from work-shops as well as from site partners. Update an ongoing list of any sources you use along the way to use in your reference list at the end of the semester.

  • What constitutes proper attire and manners when working with site partners?
  • Tips for writing to non-scientific audiences
  • How to conduct yourself in peer reviews