• Professional Conduct

    As a general guideline, you should treat your interactions with your site partner as though you are an employee of the organization. You need to be attentive to your site partnerís needs: arrive on time for meetings, dress appropriately for the meetings, and provide updates as requested. Additionally, you should consider this opportunity as a chance to display your knowledge about science and document preparation. You should work somewhat independently in gathering the necessary materials that will help you complete your project. However, you should not linger in uncertainty. If you are having difficulty understanding the scope of the project or if you get stuck on a specific detail of the project, we encourage you to ask your site partner for help. Ultimately, your professional demeanor and willingness to actively solve problems as they arise will enhance your experience and help you develop some important contacts to foster your growth in science and writing.

  • Explore what you can about your site partner before you visit the first time
  • Think about the context in which your site partner operates