• Clearly communicate course expectations to your site partner
  • Establish favored modes of communication
  • Understand and clearly state the purpose of each meeting you have with the site partner

    As stated earlier, the people you will be working with wear several hats and may not have the time to plan to far in advance for your meeting. We encourage you at your first meeting to establish a tentative schedule for your meetings during the semester and the purpose of the meeting. To help facilitate this process, we provide a meeting planning document (Word Document) you can use as a guide. However, please recognize that the dates and purposes of these meetings may change as the semester progresses. Moreover, you should consider sending an e-mail or making a telephone call to your site partner a couple of days prior to your meeting as a simple reminder of the time and purpose of your meeting. Finally, at the end of each meeting with your site partner, you should summarize the issues you discussed and reiterate the next steps for your document.

  • Keep us informed