Potential Fields in Which CO 301B Skills are Directly Applicable: The rhetorical process that develops throughout the course is quite unique as it offers students semi-vocational experience that helps them add to their resumes. Students will be better suited for a variety of fields in writing. Though the benefits of this course may be relative to the individual, the following are some notable examples of future professions in which the skills developed in CO 301B are directly applicable.

  • Physicians and Nurses
  • Public Health Officials
  • Teachers: The writing done in CO 301B is directly applicable to potential teachers. In some instances in the course, the document is on subjects that the audience has little familiarity with. The writer then must be able to describe often complicated concepts and processes to a fledgling audience—the writer-audience relationship is then a teacher-student relationship on some level. Writers build concepts in illustrative ways (where “illustrative” refers to the prose as well as the visuals of the text). Often, the student writer is required to do considerable research so that he or she has enough knowledge to be able to effectively teach his or her audience. At this point in most science students’ careers, the majority of time and effort has gone into being the “student” and the CO 301B portfolio offers opportunities to teach.